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Soudabeh Nour

Predoctoral Scholars


PhD thesis topic 

“Cognitive control in interpreting”

Link to webpage: Researchgate page of Soudebah Nour

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Esli Struys, Prof. Dr. Hélène Stengers (co-supervisor)


Funding Body: Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Soudabeh Nour received her Master degree in advanced studies in linguistics from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2014. She joined the department of Applied linguistics of VUB in 2015 as doctoral researcher.  

Simultaneous interpreting can be considered as an extreme form of multilingual language control. The main question of her research project is to what extent these control requirements transfer into domain-general advantages in cognitive control with the focus on attention network, working memory and switching in this bilingual group.


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels