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multilingualism MULTI-L

Multi-L: Linguistic, sociological, psychological, (neuro)cognitive and educational dimensions of multilingualism

Research within Multi-L focuses on the linguistic, sociological, psychological, (neuro)cognitive and educational dimensions of multilingualism and (second/foreign) language acquisition. The scientific objective is to contribute to methodological advancement in the study of multilingualism, language acquisition and language education by refining existing methodologies as well as by exploring and developing new and innovative research methods in multilingualism research. The general strategic objective is to capitalize on and strengthen the existing position of the VUB as a leading centre for research on multilingualism and second language learning and education, both on the local, the national and the international level.


Members of CLIN with a research focus situated within the topics covered by Multi-L include the following ( a click on their names, you will be forwarded to the webpage including their research output):

Prof. Dr. Ludovic De Cuypere

Prof. Dr. Alex Housen

Prof. Dr. Katja Lochtman

Prof. Dr. Esli Struys

Prof. Dr. An Vande Casteele

Prof. Dr. Bram Bulté

Prof. Dr. Bastien De Clercq

Prof. Dr. Tatiana Pieters

Dr. Rachel Nye

Dr. Jianwei Xu

Theodore Nzounkio Bakop

Yishan Goa

Hua Gu

Eva Koch

Soudebah Nour

Mohammed Saed

Jovana Stanojevic

Ruilin Wu