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Moira Van Puyvelde

PhD student, Predoctoral Scholars


PhD thesis topic: Acquiring social meaning of language variation: An experimental exploration

Supervisors: Prof Dr Laura Rosseel (VUB), Prof Dr Eline Zenner (KU Leuven)



Moira obtained a Master’s Degree in Multilingual Communication (Dutch, English, Spanish) at Ghent University in 2021. She joined the VUB as a PhD student in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Laura Rosseel and Prof. Dr. Eline Zenner (KU Leuven). Her research focuses on the acquisition of sociolinguistic meaning within the framework of exemplar theory. Through various experiments, she investigates the role of memory, the types of associations formed and the differences between adults and children in these acquisition processes. As such, her PhD project encompasses her main research interests in the fields of developmental sociolinguistics, variationist linguistics and language acquisition.