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Job opportunities (vacancies see below!)

Fill in the form below if you are looking to pursue a PhD in Linguistics at the Centre for Linguistics. Please note that calls for candidates for specific projects will be mentioned separately.

Take a look below for short announcements of vacancies, the full outline of vacancies will be published on our news & events page!



Other = every other working situation than "student".
Please indicate which topic you would like to work on for a possible PhD thesis. The research within the Centre for Linguistics (CLIN) covers several different topics which can be organised within the research strands: CLIEN, LaVa, Multi-L. We advise you to take a look at the webpages on these different strands in order to find out what each of them covers.
If you already have a clear idea of who you would like as a supervisor, please indicate the name here. Go to "members" and click on the names to get an overview of our staff and their specialisms. Go to "projects" to see what our staff is currently working on.
Please upload your CV and motivation letter here (please merge into one PDF document)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

The following is in Dutch (the candidate is required to have excellent command of both Dutch and English)

Vacature: Doctoraatsbursaal (voltijds) 

Historische sociolinguïstiek en historische pragmatiek van het Nederlands: 

Standaardisatie en entekstualisering van getuigenverhoren (1700-1900) 


Het Centrum voor Linguïstiek (CLIN) van de Vrije Universiteit Brussel en de onderzoeksgroep Grammar and Pragmatics (GaP) van de Universiteit Antwerpen zoeken een voltijds bursaal om een doctoraatsonderzoek uit te voeren en een proefschrift voor te bereiden binnen het domein van de historische sociolinguïstiek en historische pragmatiek van het Nederlands.

Prof.dr. Rik Vosters (VUB) & Prof. dr. Mieke Vandenbroucke (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Deadline kandidaturen: 03/07/2020, 13:00 uur
Voorziene data voor interviews met kandidaten op de shortlist: 7 en 8 juli 2020
Voorziene startdatum: ten vroegste 1 augustus, uiterlijk 1 oktober (in onderling overleg te bepalen, afhankelijk van beschikbaarheid en afstudeerdatum)
Looptijd/duur contract: 1 jaar (jaarlijks hernieuwbaar tot een totaalduur van 4 jaar)

For all details: please visit our news and event page, or:

recruitment CLIN

Looking for a PhD opportunity?

Are you a motivated (undergraduate/graduate) student with an interest in linguistics? Maybe you already developed a more specific preference for one of the several domains within linguistic research? You want to join the Centre for Linguistics and complete a PhD at the VUB? Let us know!

Fill in the webform and tell us more about yourself and why you would make an excellent PhD student!


Please note that calls for candidates for specific projects will be mentioned separately. Take a look at the news & events section to see whether any calls have been launched!