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CLIEN: Brain, cognition and behaviour

The research strand on Clinical and Experimental Neurolinguistics (CLIEN) focuses on research in the multi-disciplinary field of brain-cognition-behaviour relationships, including cooperation with university hospitals and, amongst others, the department of Psychology. The primary strategic goal of research within CLIEN is to strengthen the rapidly growing national and international scientific impact of Clinical and Experimental Neurolinguistics at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and to formalize and extend its position at the university as a unique research discipline in Flanders. Research output of CLIEN includes formalizing and standardizing test batteries for clinical use, fundamental research into speech and language disorders on the one hand as well as neurolinguistic research in healthy populations in the context of, for example, a bilingual education or upbringing. 


Members of CLIN with a research focus situated within the topics covered by CLIEN include the following ( a click on their names, you will be forwarded to the webpage including their research output):


Prof. Dr. Philippe Paquier

Prof. Dr. Esli Struys

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Keulen 

Prof. Dr. Mathieu Declerck